Bullying amongst managers rockets

The report calls on UK businesses to act before bullying affects morale and performance in the workplace.


Court Protection from Harassement Act 16-03-05

Court case win in the UK


Bullied workers suffer 'battle stress'

What do soldiers under fire and bullied workers have in common?


Are You Preventing Workplace Bullying?

The pro-active approach to the prevention of bullying by workplace safety regulators throughout Australia.


Corporations Need Treatment

TORONTO - Corporations are not only the most powerful institutions in the world, they are also psychopathic.


Time to close in on bullying

Numerous employees have brought cases in the courts and employment tribunals citing bullying and harassment as grounds for a claim against their employers.


Most Bullying Occurs Between Co-Workers

According to early survey findings, most incidents of workplace bullying seem to be between employees, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health said July 28.


  My Dinner with a Bully

Coming face to face with an overbearing, win-at-all-costs blowhard can take courage.


Workplace bullying's high cost: $180M in lost time, productivity

New statistics detailing its human and bottom-line dollar costs.


'Corporate psychopaths' at large

They may not be violent, the New Scientist magazine warns, but their character traits are identifiable as psychopathic.


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